Causes and Treatment of Depression in Adolescents

The Treatment & Etiology of Depression in Youth (TEDY) lab (Director: Christian Webb, Ph.D.) is based in the Center for Depression, Anxiety & Stress Research at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Our research focuses on improving our understanding of the causes of depression in teens and, in particular, improving our treatments for depression.


 Current Research


Our lab uses a multimodal approach (EEG, fMRI, experience sampling, laboratory-based experiments and clinical interviewing) to investigate the etiology and pathophysiology of depression in adolescents, as well as the mechanisms of change in psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments for depression. Ongoing studies are investigating predictors and mechanisms of change in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral activation (BA) therapy and pharmacotherapy for depression, as well as examining predictors of depression onset in at-risk youth.


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 We are currently recruiting adolescents ages 12-18 for several studies related to mood and depression. Please click below for more information on ongoing studies.